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Marc Raymond

CEO-President, aqua-tools, Inc.

Marc Raymond Marc Raymond has a broad background in immunology and microbiology. For over 15 years, he has held many different roles at international scientific companies, ranging from Researcher in the immunology department at Sanofi-Aventis to Marketing and Sales Manager at Bio-Rad. While at Bio-Rad, he was the International Water Product Manager in charge of developing and marketing a tool that rapidly detected and quantified Legionella using real-time PCR. In 2006, Marc launched his own company: aqua-tools, Inc. Known for its deep knowledge about membrane microfiltration, aqua-tools offers rapid microbial solutions that use second-generation ATP-metry and it has developed innovative point-of-use (POU) filters. The company also offers educational training about waterborne pathogens and does field audits that can show health care facilities where to install POU filters.