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Michael Castro, MPH

Western Hemisphere Product Manager of the Healthcare Water Portfolio, Pall Medical

Michael Castro Michael Castro has over 19 years’ experience consulting health care facilities, universities and manufacturing sites on risk minimization strategies addressing waterborne pathogens in domestic and industrial water. At Pall, he delivers high-level, non-commercial educational programs through educational grants that allow local health care organizations to learn from and meet with renowned experts. He is a member of APIC, ASHE, ASPE and ASHRAE, and serves as Pall’s liaison on standards writing committees. Michael is often called on by health care facilities as a consultant to their water safety team during waterborne pathogen outbreaks and to minimize risk in immunocompromised populations through nutrient and microbial reduction strategies. He has an MPH from Grand Canyon University and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Bucknell University.