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Christoph Lohr

Plumbing Technical Leader/Plumbing Lead Engineer, Henderson Engineers

David Yashar Christoph Lohr has over 10 years’ experience designing plumbing systems for health care, laboratory, hospitality and university projects. He is highly experienced in designing plumbing systems that reduce the possibility of Legionella outbreaks and has been instrumental in leading complex health care projects across the country. In his current role, he provides guidance, mentoring, concept design, quality control and leadership for over 40 plumbing engineers/designers, primarily on health care and laboratory projects. As the Co-Chair of the PIPE Medical Gas Committee, he is helping to facilitate improvements to the installation of medical gas systems. As VP Technical for the ASPE Phoenix Chapter, he developed a curriculum to help train his peers and counterparts at other firms. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the Virginia Military Institute.