Join us to see the following topics presented at the 2019 Legionella Conference.

Check back as we add more speakers and assign times to each of the presentations in the coming weeks.

Legionella Conference 2019: Building Water Systems: The Sustainability and Public Health Nexus
Presented by NSF International and National Environmental Health Association

Presenter(s) Company/Organization Presentation
Denise Bryan, MPA / Lance Gable, MPH / Andy Baker-White Network for Public Health Law / Wayne State University Law School / Association of State & Territorial Health Officials Civil and Criminal Liability After Flint: Perspectives From the Public and Private Sector
Dr. Akihiro Kondo Hiyoshi Corporation Elucidation of the Microbiota in the Bath (Spa) Water by 16S rRNA Metagenome Analysis
Patrick Racine / Joshua Ince Aqua-Analytics-DuBois Cooling Tower and Public Health Nexus – Why Legionella Should Not Be the Only Deciding Factor Between Air vs. Water Cooling
Vicente Gomez-Alvarez, Ph.D. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Whole-Genome Sequencing and Comparative Genome Analysis: Antimicrobial Resistance and Adaptive Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens Large Build Water Systems
Dr. Mark LeChevallier Dr. Water Consulting, LLC Occurrence of Legionella pneumophila in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
Christoph Lohr Henderson Engineers Plumbing Engineering and Legionella: Where Are the Gaps?
Prof. Philippe Hartemann University of Lorraine, France Place of Point of Use Filters in a Multifaceted Strategy Against Waterborne HAIS in Hospital Settings
Dr. William Healy National Institute of Standards and Technology Measurement Science Research Roadmap for Premise Plumbing
Hugo Aguilar International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Water Conservation Goals and Public Health – Responding to Unintended Consequences
Danladi Yunana University of New South Wales A Bayesian Approach to Managing and Predicting Legionella Colonisation of Aeration Systems in Groundwater Treatment
David Yashar The National Institute of Standards and Technology A Novel Water Heating System for Pathogen Control
Jeff Moffat Public Services and Procurement Canada Quality Monitoring and Continual Improvement of the Public Services and Procurement Canada Legionella Management Program
Patrick Racine / Joseph Ham Aqua-Analytics-DuBois Water Conservation Goals, Your Water Management Plan and the Importance of Sub-Metering
Cate McClendon City of Austin, Austin Water Keep Austin Chillin': A Strategy to Reduce Cooling Tower Water Demand
Patrick Fedor Georg Fischer LLC Optimizing Plumbing Systems for Legionella Control
Dr. Christian Schauer Viega Technology GmbH & Co. KG Hygiene in Potable Water Installations in Buildings - Triangle for Maintaining Potable Water Quality
Dr. Girlie Manatad NewYork-Presbyterian Creating and Monitoring a Successful Water Management Program