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2018 Conference Agenda

Co-hosted by NSF International and the National Science Foundation, the 2018 Legionella Conference gained participation from academia, manufacturers, water utilities and public health officials.

Based on open dialogue and expert presentations at the 2018 event, NSF International set the groundwork for an informative, educational and valuable 2019 conference, co-hosted by the National Environmental Health Association. Check out the schedule for the 2018 event below to see the topics that were covered; the schedule for the 2019 event can be found on the agenda page.

Legionella 2018: Managing Legionella and Other Pathogens in Building Water Systems
Presented by NSF International and National Science Foundation

Day 1
1 – Opening / Welcome / Keynotes
Welcome Dave Purkiss Conference Co-Chair/NSF International
Conference Overview: Challenges and Opportunities Joe Cotruvo Conference Co-Chair/ Cotruvo & Assoc.
National Science Foundation Perspective Karl Rockne National Science Foundation
EPA OGWDW Perspective Peter Grevatt U.S. EPA, OGWDW
National Academy of Sciences Review Andrea Hodgson National Academy of Sciences
Legionella and Premise Plumbing Pathogen Issues and Investigations Michael Beach CDC Atlanta
Other Regrowth Pathogens in Building Plumbing Ryan Fagan & Sujan Reddy CDC, Health Quality Promotion
2 – Root of the Problem – Biofilms - Moderator: Zia Bukhari, AmWater
U.S. EPA Research on Biofilms Vicente Gomez-Alvarez U.S. EPA, Cincinnati Lab
Formation and Characteristics Amy Pruden Virginia Tech University
Removal of Biofilms and Encrustations Cameron Manners Aquam, Inc.
Day 2
3A – Detecting and Quantifying Microbial Contamination / Monitoring and Analytical Techniques
Moderator: Laura Boczek, U.S. EPA, ORD, Cincinnati
Analytical Methods and Monitoring Approaches Helen Buse U.S. EPA, ORD Cincinnati
Culture Analytical Technologies Including Legiolert Dan Broder IDEXX
Utility of Genome Sequencing for Legionella Outbreak Investigations Brian Raphael CDC, Atlanta
Next-Generation Sequencing Applications for Plumbing/Regrowth Rita Colwell UMD/JH SPH/Cosmos
3B – Management for Prevention and Mitigation / Water Treatment Technologies: Pros and Cons
Moderator: Darren Lytle, U.S. EPA, ORD, Cincinnati
Evaluation and Implementation of Mitigation Processes Chris Ebener Liquitech
Chlorine/Chloramine/Chlorine Dioxide Darren Lytle U.S. EPA, ORD Cincinnati
Copper/Silver, Peroxide, UV, Ozone Hodon Ryu U.S. EPA, ORD Cincinnati
Evaluation and Selection of Mitigation Strategies Sheldon Masters Corona Environmental Consulting
4A – Methodologies for Quantifying Risk / Risk Assessment and Risk Estimation
Moderator: Mark LeChevallier, Dr. Water Consulting
The QMRA Framework and Application to Legionella Charles Haas Drexel University
Developing a Mechanistic QMRA Model to Control Legionella Levels Nick Ashbolt University of Alberta
Use of QMRA Models and International Guidelines to Develop Utility Guidance Mark LeChevallier Dr. Water Consulting
4B – Plumbing System Design and Structural Contributing Risk Factors
Moderator: Pete DeMarco, IAPMO
Plumbing Devices/Fixtures/Water Heaters/Softeners Christophe Lohr Henderson Engineers
Plumbing Design Factors: Pipe Sizing/Dead Ends/Low Flows/Regrowth Steven Buchberger University of Cincinnati
Design/Operation of Water Based Systems to Minimize Legionella Proliferation Robert Homeyer Homeyer Consulting Services, Inc.
5 – Experiences in Managing Pathogens in Building Water Systems/Risk Management in Hospitals & Buildings
Moderator: Michele Prevost, Polytechnique Montreal
Management of Legionella in Canadian Health Care Facilities Michele Prevost Polytechnique Montreal
Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Assessment and Management John Letson Sloan Kettering Bronxville, NY
Legionella Management Plan for Federal Office Buildings: Canadian Perspective Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes La Cite College, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Changing Expectations for Managing and Communicating Risk: NYC Cooling Tower Regulations and Building Investigations Chris Boyd NSF International
6 – Building a Strategy for Managing Building Plumbing Risks – Management Approaches/Water Safety Plans
Moderator: Frank Sidari, Special Pathogens Lab
Water Safety Plans and Implementation Experience Ron George Plumb-Tech LLC
Legionella Regulations – Rejoice or Run for the Hills? Patrick Racine & Joseph Ham Klenzoid Canada Inc. & Eldon Water Inc.
Managing Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens in Building Water Systems; Detection and Disinfection Janet Stout Special Pathogens Laboratory
Legal Challenges Before, During and After a Legionnaires’ Outbreak Dan Moretti Landman Corsi Bellaine & Ford P.C.
Day 3
7 – Blueprints for Preventive and Protective Actions / Guidances, Standards, Policies
Moderator: Martin Exner, Bonn University Hospital
CMS Facility Requirements to Prevent Legionella Infections Daniel Schwartz CMS
German Regulations Experience Martin Exner Bonn University Hospital
ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines Bill Pearson ASHRAE
NSF International Standards for Building Water Health Jessica Evans NSF International
Roundtable: The Role of Public Health Professional Associations David Dyjack, Oscar Alleyne, Angelita Fasnacht and David Krause NEHA, NACCHO, AIHA
8 – Guidance and Requirements / State and Federal
Moderator: Alan Roberson, ASDWA
State Oversight Policies for Drinking Water and Cooling Towers Lisa Daniels Pennsylvania DEP
State Oversight Policies for Drinking Water and Cooling Towers David Dziewulski New York State DOH
VHA and Legionella Prevention: Policy and Observations Shantini Gamage VA, Cincinnati
Role of Water Management to Prevent Legionnaires Disease Laura Cooley CDC